Targeted Traffic Generation

Targeted traffic generation must look at various and specific aspects of the campaign goals.  Having done exhaustive research over many years we know what needs to be done before launching. Our research shows us in depth knowledge of your product or service, industry and all of your competition. Then we proceed to create the best possible traffic to achieve your goals, using methods that will give you the highest ROI. Powered by advanced ad serving and tracking technologies we are able to analyze every detail of the traffic and give you the best possible results. We don’t stop there, continuous testing of the campaign performance, effectiveness of the campaign, and return on spend are evaluated constantly to enhance the overall partnership.

Our campaigns utilize traffic from a select range of sources

Some of these sources may include;

  • First Tier Search Engines
  • Second Tier Search Engines
  • Social Media Pay Per Click
  • Social Media CPM
  • Mass Media Buys
  • Re-Targeting Media Buys
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Feed Syndication
  • CPA Network Traffic
  • Call Center Campaigns
  • Affiliate Partner Traffic
  • Affiliate Program Implementation
  • Direct Mailing Campaigns
  • Various Other Sources