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[toggle title=”The Importance of Facebook Likes”] Everyone knows it’s important to be popular. Likes on your Facebook page are a great way to get major brand exposure, build relationships, and contact your targeted audience.

Increased Visibility

What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?
If someone “likes” your page, then it shows up on that person’s profile wall and in their news feed:
It won’t be long before one of their friends sees it and decides to click on your link so they can see your page.

Build Relationships

And that is just where the relationship starts. Every time your business posts a status update to your page’s wall, that update will appear in all the news feed for each person that “liked” your page.

So if your business’s page has 30 fans, then your status updates will be published in 30 people’s news feeds! And if an update contains great content, your fans may like it, comment on it, or share it with their friends. This kind of interaction builds customer loyalty and spreads your content through Facebook.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Twitter Followers”]One thing that veteran Twitter users know and understand is that the more followers you have the better it is for you or your company.

Why it’s important to have more followers?

    1. Followers Equal Knowledge – What this means is that the more followers you have, the more others assume you know what you’re talking about. No matter the niche, people want to hear from those who have a great deal of knowledge. If all those other people are listening to what you have to say, then they should probably listen, too.

    2. For Businesses – For those who are using Twitter as a marketing or sales tool then more followers means more sales. The bottom line is that when you have more people following you, you have a larger potential customer base.

    3. Sharing Ideas – The more people that follow you the more ideas are generated. Asking a simple question can lead to a wide variety of answers. Everyone has an opinion as well but in this instance, it is beneficial to see them. You never know when an idea will lead to making more money.

A quick way to get started building more followers is to buy the ones that can help you build. While this may seem like a great idea, it’s actually only the first step. It will boost your numbers up initially and allow you greater reach faster.

The more people that follow you the better it is for you or your business. There are so many reasons to boost your Twitter followers that it just makes sense to get started right away.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Webpage Likes”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Google +1″] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Youtube Likes”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Page Creation”] [/toggle]