Data Overview

We understand what marketing and list professionals want – A combination of data quality & accuracy along with personalized customer service; and of course best pricing & quick turnaround allowing you the best possible ROI.

We bring all this together with our knowledge, data quality, hygiene tools, technology and data partners.

We specialize in the development, refinement & enhancement of full field targeted consumer e-mail & phone based lists. All databases are postal verified (CASS & NCOA Current). All e-mail addresses undergo a final verification at point of sale.

Our email and phone appends offer fastest turnaround time with industry preferred match rate and accuracy.

Consumer eTarget

We provide Targeted Consumer Lists which identify established consumer patterns, lifestyle interests, transactional information and important demographics. Select from over 200 consumer attributes – You define your target market and build your own targeted lists.

E-mail & Phone Append

Try our real-time e-mail & phone append solutions – Just upload your file, map fields in minutes, and e-mails will be appended. Real-time final check email verification is incorporated with our e-mail append services. 25% average match rate! No more waiting or wondering when your validated appended e-mail addresses will be ready.

Business Data (B2B)

We provide Business (B2B) data by category as defined by SIC codes. Records contain complete contact information including phone numbers & e-mail addresses. Select by profession, service and/or manufacturing Industry. Target companies by type, size, annual revenue, number of employees and/or geographical location. Contact Key parties directly by name & title.

Auto Consumer Data

Current & Historical – Featuring Make, Model, Year & More. Our extraordinary advantage is attained with our ability to integrate multiple data sources and offer exceptional data management intelligence. Our 179 Million National Auto Consumer Database presents 80 Million phone numbers and 57 Million e-mail addresses to select from. Our Auto Consumer Database has been compiled and is updated through the use of data partners, affiliates, service bureaus, parts providers, on-line insurance quotes, vehicle maintenance records, auto clubs, dealerships, service centers, warranty companies, after market and proprietary sources. All data which we develop and/or employ is done so strictly in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Cell Phone Records

Over 100 Million Cell Phone Records with 61 Million validated e-mail addresses associated and all records compiled from self-reported sources with cell phones verified at block level and with ported database. Fields include: name, address, city, state, zip, cell phone number, carrier name – with indicator prepaid vs. postpaid plans. All records postal verified with current NCOA & CASS.


Reach these important consumers segmented by their occupation e.g. accountants, attorneys, engineers, construction personnel, health care providers, lenders, realtors & many more.

Mortgage & Property Owners

Mortgage borrowers database of 45 Million. Including homeowner, market value, loan amount, interest rate, credit rating, LTV, lender name, purchase date and general household information.


Targeted to specific investor markets – accredited investors, stocks, real estate, venture capital, currency, financial newsletter subscribers, commodities, high net worth individuals.

Voter Database

Extensive national database defining across the board voter characteristics with scores of selects including – party affiliation, voting tendencies & frequency, age, gender, income, ethnicity etc., etc., etc. Full contact information with e-mail address and phone numbers are available. Target at the municipal, county, state, and national levels.
Also available are voters who donated to specific conservative and/or liberal charities.

eTarget by Zip Code

We provide highly refined accurate e-mail lists targeting by zip code. We supply records targeting at city, county, state & national levels. All records contain at minimum: first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code & e-mail address. Communicate with recipients frequently, at very low cost and build on-line relationships where recipients of your e-mail communications can respond virtually at an instant.

Additional Services Available:

Automated CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System)
NCOA (National Change of Address)
DNC (Do Not Call) + True Wireless Scrub, which will eliminate Land Lines that have migrated to Wireless = Compliance with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations.

E-mail Validation & Scrubbing Services.