Audience Targeting

Most website visitors will not convert during the first visit to your web site. In numbers tell us that initial conversion rates typically run about 2% on average. For successful online marketing we must find the very best prospects that are more likely to buy from you.

What would 100% increase in business mean to you. Using Retargeting has shown big increases in conversions and revenue.

Audience Targeting is a full service display advertising solution specializing in the retargeting of specific audiences or groups. Businesses of all sizes can get more sales, more customers, and more conversions by serving ads to lost audiences.

By reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message, you can generate hundreds of new sales EVERY month.

You will be able to market to audiences that did not convert the first time they were shown your product or service. Your ideal target audience may never get past the Home page of your site or they may just browse a few pages and never find any specific products or services. Then there are those past groups or audiences that aren’t ready to purchase yet. These prospects may need some more or information. We use state of the art data-driven targeting to drive more visitors back to your site, resulting in more sales and conversions.

Examples of Audience Targeting Groups:

Online Business Audience Targeting
Small Business Owners
Web Entrepreneurs
Web Designers
Web Developers
Job Seekers
Network Administators
Project Managers
Online Marketers
Business Software Users
Home Business Owners

Education Audience Targeting
Prospective Students
Vocational Students
People Learning Web Design
People Research Grants
People Researching College Financing

Shopper Audience Targeting
Make-up Shoppers
Perfume Shoppers
People Interested in Fashion
Discount Shoppers
People Looking for Coupons
Women Shoppers
Men Shoppers
Car Accessory Shoppers
Jewelry Shoppers